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Your lovely area rugs may develop holes as a result of different occurrences. It is normal for rugs to get damaged as it is a daily-use items. People are often concerned that once a hole or tear has appeared in their rug, it cannot be repaired anymore. They decide to get rid of their ruined rugs because they are unable to fix them. The good news is that damaged rugs can be repaired.

All American Rug Cleaning has been providing the most efficient rug hole repair services for a long time. We know very well how important any authentic or ceremony rug is for you. That’s why we come up with the solution. We are able to fix any kind of hole, no matter how big it is. Call 208-203-1919 to get all kinds of rug repair services from us.

All American Rug Cleaning’s Rug Hole Repair Service

  • Our professionals use specific sewing and repair processes while fixing rug holes. We have the ability to mend rugs that have rips, tears, and holes in them.
  • When mending or repairing holes in rugs, our experts employ methods that are customized to the material, quality, design, and pattern of each rug.
  • Rug patching and re-weaving are two methods we use for repairing rug holes. Patching is the best option for repairing minor holes. Reweaving the rug is necessary if the hole is too large.
  • In weaving, the pattern is replicated by knotting wool yarn of a color that is quite similar to the original color.

Our Other Rug Repair Services

Allow Us to Repair the Hole in Your Rug

Consult with a professional at All American Rug Cleaning before throwing off a damaged area rug. Our IICRC-certified technicians can fix your damaged rug and make it beneficial and usable for you. A timely repair increases its longevity. We are 24/7 available to serve you.

We also provide rug cleaning, rug protection, rug pads, etc services. For getting the most effective and professional rug hole repair or other services in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Albion, Downey, Irwin, and other cities in our Southeast Idaho service region, call 208-203-1919. Click here to know more.

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