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Acrylic Rug Cleaning & Rug Color Correction Service in Southeast Idaho

If you are looking for a cheap, yet durable rug to spice up your décor, then an acrylic rug is the perfect choice. Acrylic rugs are made from synthetic fiber so they can be placed in rooms that receive heavy traffic. Acrylic Rug Cleaning Service Though acrylic rugs pale in comparison to wool and other high-quality fiber rugs, they are the best inexpensive alternative. Acrylic rugs are fade and stain resistant so they last longer than luxury pieces. These rugs are made from acrylic fiber, which is a type of synthetic fiber known for its wool-like feel and lightweight, soft, and warm quality. However, unlike wool rugs, acrylic rugs do not age gracefully.

Acrylic Rug Color Correction & Dyeing

Do you have a rug that's lost it color do to sun damage, fading, stains or other factors? Don't replace your rug! Our rug dyeing and rug coloring specialists can take you rug and make it look like new again.

Why Cleaning Acrylic Rugs is a job for the Professionals

Over time, acrylic rugs begin to lose their sophisticated appeal. Too much foot-traffic can matte the rug’s appearance and damage its fibers. To preserve the look and function of your rug, you must have it cleaned by professionals. It's acceptable to take on this task yourself, but without the proper cleaning tools, you risk further ruining the appearance and texture of your acrylic rug.

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Contact All American Rug Cleaning when it’s time to give your acrylic rug a routine clean. True, you can replace your wrecked rug with a new one, but that can be quite expensive. Acrylic rugs have an average lifespan of 3-5 years, so it is best that you invest in your acrylic rug as much as possible.

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If you entrust your rug to our professional rug cleaning team, we promise to return it looking like new. Our rug cleaning service provides excellent care for all types of rugs, and your acrylic rugs will receive the treatment it deserves. We will bring back the the vibrant colors it had when you first purchased it, so that you can use it much longer. If you are interested in this specific service, give us a call at 208-203-1919. All American Rug Cleaning caters to many different properties located in Southeast Idaho.