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You can ruin your expensive area rug with a careless spill of wine, coffee, ink, or juice. Your pet can urinate on that rug and scratch it. Any of these things can happen, but you shouldn't let them ruin your precious flooring. You can avoid these problems with a waterproof rug pad, which will absorb any liquid spills before they reach the floor.

For more than 20 years, Rug Cleaning Idaho has been providing the best waterproof rug pad installation services in Dayton, Grace, Pocatello, Newdale, Hamer, Idaho Falls, and other cities nearby. We are well-known among clients for providing highly professional and high-quality services. Anytime you need assistance with a rug pad, dial 208-203-1919.

Benefits of Using Rug Cleaning Idaho’s Waterproof Rug Pads

Rug Cleaning Idaho offers custom-cut, waterproof rug pads to safeguard the flooring beneath your precious OrientalPersian rug, or any other rug without altering its beauty. We use durable synthetic materials to make our waterproof padding, so it won't bother anyone with allergies. Our rug pads provide the following benefits__

  • Pet Friendly: If your pet has the propensity to have accidents on the rug, our waterproof rug pads are just what you need.
  • Protection Against Spills: These pads will safeguard your flooring from any accidental spills that may occur on your rug.
  • Firm Grip: The rug pads that we offer are both waterproof and have a good grip. Depending on the amount of foot activity in your space, we have low- and high-grip alternatives available.
  • Prolong The Life of Rug: Our rug pad acts as an extra layer between the rug and the floor. It prevents rug fibers from being crushed or damaged, extending their lifespan.

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We the rug experts at Rug Cleaning Idaho provide quality custom waterproof rug pad installation services to our clients. We also assist our clients with rug cleaning, rug repair, rug protection, rug storage, and more. Free pickup, Free delivery, and Free estimates are available along with our rug services. To take our services, please contact 208-203-1919. Click here if you have any queries.