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Rug Cleaning Services in Almo & Southeast Idaho

Almo is a small unincorporated community in Cassia County, Idaho. It is a short distance away from the City of Rocks National Reserve, a 14,300-acre area with granite columns as much as 600 feet high. It's a very attractive place for adventure enthusiasts.

Rug Cleaning Services in Almo, Idaho

Almo has many visitors, and all that foot traffic gives handmade and area rugs and custom carpets a daily workout. Regular rug cleaning rugs is a necessity, and All America Rug Cleaning of Southeast Idaho is on the job in Almo.

Persian or Asian handmade rugs, or other area rugs need more than vacuuming or conventional cleaning. Each handmade rug is unique, even those that appear to be otherwise identical. Material, manufacturing process, weaving style are all factors in how best to care for a decorative rug.

Contact All American Rug Cleaning for the best rug cleaning services in Almo or Southeast Idaho. Our customers value our professional and superior quality cleaning services.

The 11-Step Rug Cleaning Process of All American Rug Cleaning

For ensuring a complete rug cleaning, we use an 11-step process that includes:

Ensuring a Complete Rug Cleaning, We Use an 11-step Process  in Almo
  • Extraction
  • Full Water Immersion, Front & Back
  • Hand Wash
  • Detergent & Duster
  • Detergent Rinse
  • Flat Spread Treatment
  • Detergent + Finisher
  • Centrifuge Water Extraction
  • Brush Treatment
  • Drying with Natural Sun
  • Final Vacuum 

Why Choose All American Rug Cleaning in Almo, Idaho?

  • In business for over 20 years
  • State of the art facility
  • Certified to clean even the most delicate rugs
  • Cleaning and rug repair specialists
  • Stain removal experts
  • Drop off and pick up options available

All American Rug Cleaning is popular among customers for its highly professional and superior quality rug cleaning services. We conveniently schedule our rug cleanings and pick-ups. We clean at our climate-controlled facility and deliver back to you in 4-7 days. Call us today at 208-203-1919 and ask about free inspections in Almo and throughout our Idaho Falls and Southeast Idaho service area.