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Rug Cleaning Overview in Southeast Idaho

Rug Cleaning Overview in Iona, Pocatello & Idaho Falls

All American Rug Cleaning uses a unique 10-step rug cleaning process to clean, brighten, freshen, repair, and restore your rug. Our rug cleaning works are done using the “best-practices”, which include the steps in the rug cleaning overview given below. Also, check our Rug Protection treatments for a healthy rug and a healthy home in Hamer, IonaPocatelloBlackfoot, Idaho Fallsand other cities we serve in Southeast Idaho.

Overview of Our Rug Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection -
    Considered by some to be the most important step in rug cleaning, this first step in the rug process is performed by the highly trained and certified rug care specialists at All American Rug Cleaning at our Oriental Rug Care Facility in our Greater Idaho Falls, Idaho area.
  • Dry Soil Removal Methods -
    Compressed Air - Before washing your area rug, we use compressed air to dust the rug on both sides. Our innovative equipment includes a tumble duster and polisher, which uses extremely large volumes of cool, dry air to remove pounds of dust.
  • Washing Methods -
    Full Saturation Washing - Clear Water Rug Cleaning, Immersion Wash and Rinse

Drying Methods

  • Fresh Air Rug Drying
  • Combing, Brushing or Pile-Fluffing

Finishing Processes

  • Grooming - Hand Comb and Trim Fringe Edges
  • Yellowing/ Browning correction
  • Color Correction

Why Choose All American Rug Cleaning?

  • In business for over 20 years
  • State of the art facility
  • Certified to clean even the most delicate rugs
  • Cleaning and rug repair specialists
  • Stain removal experts
  • Drop off and pick up options available

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To get answers to all of your rug cleaning questions, be sure to get in touch with All American Rug Cleaning. You can contact us online or give us a call today at 208-203-1919 and schedule a time to get your rug picked-up and cleaned at our climate-controlled facility. After cleaning & drying, we will have it delivered back to you in about 4-7 days. All American Rug Cleaning serves customers in Ucon, Victor, Wayan, and other places of our Greater Idaho Falls, Idaho service area.