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Cleaning an area rug by yourself or sending it to be cleaned is hard, inconvenient, and time-consuming. If you want superior area rug pickup and delivery services in Idaho Falls & Aberdeen, ID, area, you can rely on All American Rug Cleaning. All American Rug Cleaning has been in business in these areas for over 38 years.

Your beloved area rug will be cleaned and returned to its former glorious state, and all necessary heavy lifting and transportation will be handled by us. Our team also has specialized tools to clean any handmade rugs and your family inheritance rugs. Our area rug pickup and delivery services are free in Idaho Falls and the Pocatello area. We are famous among our customers for our top-quality and highly professional services.

Give us a call at 208-203-1919 or click this link to learn more about our services.

Rug Cleaning Process of All American Rug Cleaning

To ensure that your rug is cleaned completely, we use a rug cleaning process that has 11 steps. These steps are given below:

  • Examines your rug's condition and type
  • Immersing your whole rug in the water
  • Hand washing the rug
  • Applying detergent and using a deep cleaning duster
  • Rinsing your rug in detergent
  • Flat spread solution
  • Mixing detergent and finisher
  • Water extraction by our centrifuge rug wringer machine
  • Brush solutions
  • Drying with natural sunlight
  • Final vacuuming

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All American Rug Cleaning – A Reliable Service for Rug Delivery Services in Idaho Falls

At All American Rug Cleaning, you can obtain a schedule at a suitable time for you and get your area rug picked up, washed at our climate-controlled capacity, and have it sent back to you in around 4-7 days. For more convenience, we also offer a free inspection.

Our services are available in Blackfoot, Burley, and Pocatello. You can check out our other services, including rug cleaning, extreme rug cleaning, and removing mildew odors from rug. Call us now at 208-203-1919 or contact us online to get our assistance.