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Fire Retardancy Treatments for Rugs in Idaho Falls & Pocatello

Area rugs make your home or office look a lot better, but they can be permanently ruined in a fire. To protect your rug from this possibility, homeowners or business owners can rely on fire retardancy services from our IICRC-certified rug professionals at All American Rug Cleaning. These treatments, also called "flame retardancy" services, are administered to keep your rugs protected and make them less susceptible to becoming engulfed in a fire when conditions arise.

For years, we have provided top-notch rug protection services, including rug treatments that protect against the damaging effects of insectsUV rays, fire, and other perils in Idaho FallsPocatelloRigbyBlackfoot, and other Idaho cities that we serve. When you need our help, call us now at 208-203-1919 or click here to schedule a rug treatment today at your property in Idaho.

How Do Fire Retardants Work?

What a fire retardant actually does is delay the spread of fire before it can engulf a rug. Fire retardants help suppress the chemical reactions in a flame when they come into contact with your rug. It helps form a protective layer on the surface of the rug that is designed to avoid the spread of fire. The more thoroughly fire retardants are spread throughout the rug, the better it will serve as a safeguard for the rug against fire incidents.

Stop Fire from Ruining Your Rugs in Albion & Rigby

Once a rug catches fire and gets damaged, it will likely become a total loss. To prevent that from happening when conditions exist, fire retardancy treatments from All American Rug Cleaning can be applied to your fine textiles to provide strong protection against any potential fire damage. As a rug cleaning & restoration company with four decades of industry experience, our technicians serve customers throughout the cities within our Idaho service area, including  BlackfootPocatelloRigby, and Idaho Falls. To learn more, call 208-203-1919 or click here to schedule services today at your property in Idaho.

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