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Anti-Allergen Treatment in Southeast Idaho

How do rugs make your home beautiful? A couple of pieces of it, a divan, maybe some antique stuff, with two or three dark brownish medieval furniture, the French window, or a balcony over the garden. The heavenly feeling lasts as long as you are careful.

The tiny comfy rugs may not get corrosion so easily but it invisibly keeps piling up dust, dirt, mud, and whatnot. If you take this matter lightly, the results are- Itchy skin, coughing, sneezing, swollen eyes, or headache. Unfortunately, the possibility of getting ill from this majestic floor cover is a reality.

To keep your home peaceful and comfortable, call All American Rug Cleaning today for anti-allergen treatment and shut off all the discomfort. We have been providing professional rug treatment services in Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg with other nearby service areas for more than two decades. The hotline is 208-203-1919. You can also contact us online by clicking here.

Other Services Offered by Us

You won't definitely like stubborn shades on your rugs with an irritating dry sniff. Our stain removal experts know how to shake off all the grime and filths and keep your favorite rugs the same delicate and fluffy.

Nothing to worry about if you are a busy person. We provide drop-off and pick-up services. Don’t hesitate if you have other problems with your rugs. Our service packages include-

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Our certified cleaning and repairing specialists are efficient in cleaning different types of rugs such as Indian Rugs, Afghan Rugs, and Antique Rugs, etc.

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Talk to us directly by dialing 208-203-1919. All American Rug Cleaning always looks forward to being a part of the happy stories. Your trust in us is highly appreciated because customer satisfaction is what motivates us to serve. Click here to send an online request and we will be there soon.