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Ever worried about your kid's habit of eating foods from the rug? Well, keep your rug so clean that you don't have to worry about these things. Thinking how you can do that? We're just a click away from you.

At All American Rug Cleaning, our experts offer effective rug cleaning solutions to you. We will make sure that your rug doesn't only look good but also feels fresh. Just dial 208-203-1919 and book an appointment with us now.

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Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Well, when you clean your rug by yourself it clean your rug. However, there are some dirt and stains which is hard to clean through regular washing or vacuuming. To get rid of this heavy dirt you would need professional rug cleaning. Professional cleaning will make sure that your rug is fresh and beautiful. It offers:

  • Stain-free rug
  • Odor-free rug
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ensure durability

Our Rug Cleaning Process

We want to make sure that your rug is cleaned properly and thoroughly. Thus we follow an 11-step rug cleaning process to ensure proper cleaning. Our cleaning process includes:


Types of Rug We Clean

Our experts can clean any type of rug you have. Such as:

What type of rug do you have? Let us know and we will clean your rug like it's brand new.

Water & Fire Damage Rug Repair

Water & fire damage rug can be pretty severe. If you leave your rug untreated it would damage your entire rug. Before ruining its current condition or deciding to throw the rug away you should contact All American Rug Cleaning.

Our experts can effectively restore your area rug. They will restore its original beauty. This will save you money and energy.

Effective Rug Color Correction

Sometimes the rug loses its color due to age or the wrong cleaning treatment. Sometimes it also haves due to acidic spills like pet urine or bleach spills like lime can lead to discoloration. Too much exposure to UV rays can also do that.

However, whenever the situation arises, you can rely on us to get the vibrant color of your area rug. We pay close attention to the details of the pattern and design. Then carefully repair your rug.

Well, after our rug color correction, you should avoid these things to keep your rug in good shape. That includes:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the rug
  • Avoid bleaching the rug

Dirty Rug & Health Issues

If you have kids then you know how they eat food from the rug or ground. Now if the rug is dirty, this small habit of theirs might lead to food poisoning. It would also cause allergen issues for you.

Especially if you or your kids have sensitive skin it would cause rashes. Thus, it is important to clean your rug. Not just for its looks but for hygiene issues as well.

Rug Resizing with All American Rug Cleaning

Even though a rug protects you from the cold floor, it serves another purpose. That is they work as a decoration of the room. They an texture and color to your plain room. Although, if the size is too big, it might ruin the beauty.

Or probably your desired rug does not match your desired size. Well, we have the solution for you. You can get your rug resized with our professional. We will give a neat look to enhance the overall space.

Rug Backing Repair

You are probably maintaining a time-to-time routine to clean your rug. Or probably putting extra attention to any spills or stops on your rug. However, in this process, the rug backing gets less attention and gets damaged over time. However, the health of the rug's backing is equally important.

It ensures that the rug stays put, gives a grip, and works like armor for your rug. But when it gets damaged it leaves the rug in a vulnerable state. Thus, a rug repair service is required to ensure the rug's durability. We are here to help you with rug backing repair and more.

Ensure a Durable Rug with Us!

At All American Rug Cleaning, our experts have more than 20 years of experience in cleaning rugs. Our state-of-the-art facility makes sure that you have a rug that is stain-free and fresh. We have achieved the Blue Torch Award - 2008 award for our dedication and hard work. Moreover, we offer free estimation.

So you can call us at 208-203-1919 whenever you need rug cleaning or repair services. We are available from Monday to Friday in Firth, Basalt, Shelley, Backfoot, and the surrounding cities we serve. You can also contact us online to get your area rug cleaned.