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Soil and spills can cause stains on a rug that can last for a long time and destroy the original beauty of it. How to prevent something like this from happening? Installing a soil and stain protector that works best for your specific rug is the most reliable solution in cases like these.

All American Rug Cleaning provides rug protector installation and cleaning services in DaytonNewdaleGraceHamer & other service areas. To reach our experts for our services, call us now at 208-203-1919 or contact us online to learn more!

Why Do We Need Soil & Stain Protectors?

Can you imagine having your rugs cleaned thoroughly by rug cleaning experts just to get them spoiled by something like soil, red wine or coffee? If you don't know what type of rug you have, it is hard to determine how to clean them properly. Installing a soil and stain protector might just save you a lot of trouble in cases like this.

How Do Soil & Stain Protectors Work?

The dynamics of a soil and stain protector are quite simple. It shields the rug against almost any substances which might be spilled on it. When a soil & stain protector is installed on a rug, it works very similarly to a waxed car. When you drop some water on it and the water stays on the surface, you know that your goals have been fulfilled.

Not only a soil and stain protector helps you immediately clean a rug after the water has been spilled on it, but it also makes the rug last longer and provides it with more durability.

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For more than 38 years now, All American Rug Cleaning has been in the rug cleaning business and helping countless homes and office spaces with professional rug cleaning and rug protector installation services. Our soil & stain protector installation services successfully ensure that your rugs stay protected against soil and stains for a long time.

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