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Rug Cleaning & Repair in Felt

Keeping your rug clean and fresh while having a pet is one of the most challenging things. As pets make the rug their playground. While playing they might damage the rug fring or rug fiber of your beloved rug.

However, at All American Rug Cleaning, our experts specialize in rug cleaning or rug repair services. So you can rely on our experts without worrying about your rug. We will make sure to restore its original beauty while cleaning and repairing your rug. Contact us today to ensure a clean rug.


Our Safe & Gentle Rug Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning process is safe and gentle for all types of rugs. We use specialized cleaning techniques to remove the dirt and stains from your deliciated rug. At All American Rug Cleaning, our experts have mastered the rug cleaning process over these 20 years.

After cleaning we also apply a cleaning agent to ensure the vibrant color of your rug. The process includes:

Rug Cleaning Method & Rug Types

We understand that every rug is different and needs special attention. We don't believe that one solution will fit all the rugs. Thus, we use different types of rug cleaning methods to keep your rug clean and fresh. That includes:

Wet Cleaning: Rugs that can tolerate moisture and require deep cleaning are suitable for this cleaning method. Like wool and synthetic rugs.

Hot Water Extraction: This method is great for pet odor and germ removal. Best for synthetic and wool rugs.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning: Sisal and jute rugs can be cleaned through this cleaning method. This process is used for rugs with sensitive dyes.

Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning will clean any stain, spot, or dirt from your rug. Oriental, and Persian rugs are cleaned with this method.

Professional Rug Stain Removal Services

Spills can happen anytime but sometimes when you rub it to clean it can get worse and leave a permanent stain on your rug. As for spills related to wine, coffee, beetroot and more it is stubborn to get rid of. Our experts will help you with:

  • Old Stain
  • Beet Stain
  • Bleach Stain/Spot

Water & Fire Damage Rug Repair

Water or fire damage can make everything devasting. That could be your home, your belongings, and your cherished rugs. At a time like this act first. Try to remove all the access water from your rug and seek professional cleaning. To ensure proper cleaning and drying to prevent future issues.

For fire damage soot and smoke can leave stains and odor on the rug. Vacuuming or regular cleaning might fail to clean this. Thus, rely on professionals to restore your water and fire damage rug.

Infested Rug Repair

It's normal to get your pet-damaged rug infested with bugs or insects. As pets can bring pests and these pests can harbor at your place. Usually, these come through pet hair.

Sometimes if the rug is in damn condition it can also lead to pest infestation. This can do severe damage to your rug. However, don't worry! Our experts will help you to repair your pet-damaged rug also infested rug.

Pet Odor Removal with Us!

Pets are always jolly and playful. However, their activities, pet urine, or accidents sometimes lead to severe damage to your rug. Even if you manage to clean it properly it leaves a lingering odor and stain on your rug. It might get hard for you to remove. Our professional cleaning solution will allow you to have an odor-free rug.

Fresh Rug & Healthy Environment

Due to the nature of the rug, it holds a lot of dirt and dust. If you miss your cleaning routine for a long time then it would make the look of your area rug worse. Moreover, it affects your health as well.

This dust and dirt can linger all over your house and degrade the air quality. Breathing this air can lead to allergic issues while making respiratory diseases worse. Thus, important to get your rug cleaned by a professional once in a while.

Why Do You Need Professional Cleaning?

Regular maintenance does keep your rug clean. However, it usually cleans the surface-level dirt and debris. But to deep clean and remove stubborn stains from your rug you need professional cleaning.

It also helps you to keep your rug fresh for a longer time. Go for professional rug cleaning at least once a year.

Get Your Rug Issues Solve with Us!

You can rely on our experts for any rug issues you are facing. Your experts have 5/5 customer reviews. We also provide a free estimate to keep your rug clean. Just dial 208-203-1919 to book an appointment with us in Felt, Driggs, Victor, and more. You can also contact us today for any of the below services. Those are: