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Silk Rug Cleaning Services in Southeast Idaho

All American Cleaning has a large rug cleaning facility where we hand clean silk rugs with proper equipment to make sure the colors don't run and rugs are not ruined. We can pick-up your silk rug from your house and drop it off once cleaned. We have a 10-step rug cleaning process to make sure your rug is returned as new.

Rugs have a multitude of purposes. They create a warm atmosphere in your home, make your rooms look more appealing, and they can help make some floors slip proof. With that said, it is an absolute must to maintain their appearance. The task of doing so, however, is easier said than done.

Silk Rug

Silk Rug Professional Cleaning

One must remember that cleaning rugs is not as simple as cleaning floors. Silk rugs, for example, are delicate in nature and require a gentle hand. If you use the wrong cleaning product or scrub them too roughly, the rug will receive heavy damage, wear and tear. In order to avoid this, it is best that you let the professionals handle the job, and if you want the best silk rug cleaning services in Southeast Idaho, all you have to do is contact All American Rug Cleaning.

The Benefits of a Professional Clean

Our company has worked with every type of rug you can think of. Because of this, we know how to clean your rug while also preserving your rug’s softness and shine. We are very familiar with the texture and demands of silk rugs.  If you let us handle your pieces, you will receive the following benefits:

Preservation of Color and Appearance

There are many different rug cleaning products on the market and it is possible that you could choose the wrong one. Without the correct solution, the colors of your silk rug will either run or fade. Also, if you are using the improper cleaning methods, the fabric could get caught in the vacuum and tear.

Silk Rug Color Correction & Dyeing

If you have used cleaning products that have faded the colors in your silk rug or if it's sustained damage due to wear and tear or sunlight, our slik rug coloring and dyeing specialists can take your rug and make it a beautiful addition to your home again. Don't get rid of a family heirloom or a treasured silk rug that's lost some of its beauty due to fading. Contact us to discuss the options for restoring your silk rug.

Keeps It Safe and Clean

Bugs and other microorganisms love to take shelter in between the fibers of the rug. If they clump, dust and dirt could easily get caught in the air you breathe. When this happens, allergies and asthma attacks are not very far behind. We will make sure that your silk rugs will remain clean so that your home will stay healthy.

Less Time and Effort for You

Cleaning silk rugs is not only exhausting, but also very time consuming. By allowing us to clean your silk rugs, you will not have to worry about wasting your time and energy.

Contact Us for Silk Rug Cleaning Services in Southeast Idaho

If you're interested in learning more about our silk rug cleaning services, please give us a call at 208-203-1919. All American Rug Cleaning is happy to serve properties located in the surrounding areas of Southeast Idaho.