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Whenever property owners look for that perfect piece of décor to complete a certain room, rugs always come into mind. This simple and appealing item can transform the overall atmosphere and size of any given space. The only difficulty that people encounter is choosing the right type of rug that will go with their room or house.If you're the type of person who is turning your property into an eco-friendly environment, organically made rugs will fit your lifestyle; and jute is just one of the many types that you can use.

Jute Rug Cleaning

Made from long vegetable fibers, jute (a.k.a. hessian) is a handmade rug that brings texture into your home. Its unique appearance not only makes it a head-turner, but a durable piece as well. Because of this, it is perfectly suited for high-traffic areas. However, this does not mean that it cannot sustain stains over time. Of course, all rugs can incur a couple of blemishes from overuse. Immediate cleaning is the most logical solution to these blemishes, but if you are dealing with organic rugs like jute, stain removal might become a problem.

Rugs made of all-natural materials can easily grow mold if they get moist or damp. Also, with the various cleaning chemicals available on the market today, using the wrong one can destroy the material. If you are currently facing this problem, professionally cleaning your jute rug is your best option, and we, at All American Rug Cleaning, can definitely help you out.

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For many years, All American Rug Cleaning has solved many different rug problems, especially when it comes to removing stains. We understand that not all rugs are made from the same material, so we use the most appropriate cleaning method when tackling a job. If you let us handle the situation concerning your jute rug, we promise that it will be returned to you in a better state so that it can be used longer. Give us a call at: 208-203-1919. For further questions and inquiries, visit our contact All American Rug Cleaning page and fill out the form. Our services are available to properties across Southeast Idaho.