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Out of all the different types of rugs available for purchase, machine-made rugs have to be the most accessible. Since these pieces are made commercially, they can be found pretty much anywhere and they are usually quite affordable. Practicality is the main function of machine-made rugs, so they are cheaper than their high-end relatives. They are made more durable so that they can withstand heavy foot traffic and grime. Also, machine-made rugs are available in limitless designs, from luxurious rugs to traditional-looking ones.

Machine made rug cleaning

However, machine-made rugs are not indestructible. After time, they will receive their fair share of wear and tear. When your rug’s appearance is no longer appealing, swapping it with a new machine-made rug is the easiest decision. But that doesn’t make it the most economical choice.

Even Machine-made Rugs Need TLC

Solid or liquid stains, mold, and odors tend to put machine-made rugs out of commission. Even if these rugs are created to last long, their fibers and backing will still receive damage. Too much traffic can tear the fabric, and ignored blemishes can become permanent. Since these rugs are so widely available, replacing them seems to be the only end choice. However, you may not realize that you have the power to give your dirty machine-made rugs a second chance by contacting All American Rug Cleaning & Restoration.

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All American Rug Cleaning & Restoration provides professional rug cleaning services to properties in Southeast Idaho. We have cleaned all types of rugs, from hand-knotted to Persian, so cleaning machine-made rugs will be a walk in the park. We advise that you have us take care of your rugs, even if they are made for commercial use.

Attempting to clean the rugs by yourself runs the risk of using the wrong cleaning method and chemicals can risk damaging the rugs permanently. Why is having your machine-made rug cleaned by professionals the better choice? Because you can’t experience your rugs’ full potential if you give up on them too early. Sending your pieces to us will add to their longevity and save you money in the long run. If you are interested in our rug cleaning service, give us a call at 208-203-1919.