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Professional Nylon Rug Cleaning in Southeast Idaho

Although nylon rugs are not as delicate as silk or wool, they make it up in durability and style. After all, nylon is the most common fiber in area rugs, and it can handle all types of foot traffic. Because of this, nylon rugs are a popular choice among homeowners. But even if nylon rugs are known for their strength and easy maintenance, they will eventually encounter some wear and tear.

When Does Cleaning Nylon Rugs Become Tough?

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Compared to synthetic rugs, nylon rugs are not cheap. With that in mind, it's best to make it a point to keep it from getting stained or damaged. Yes, some nylon rugs are treated to be stain resistant, but that doesn’t mean that they can resist all stains. Some stains can last a lifetime, while others, like blood and urine, make the piece unsanitary and unfit for use.

Without the proper nylon cleaning knowledge, there is a big possibility that you’ll damage your nylon rug. Its colors can fade or mix and, depending on the quality of the rug you purchased, its design can disappear altogether, and cleaning it with a rough hand will produce bald patches and depreciate its value.

Nylon rugs are not exactly cheap so preserving its worth should be your number one priority. If ever your nylon rug needs a little bit of tender loving care, contact All American Rug Cleaning so that we can professionally clean it for you.

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All American Rug Cleaning has cleaned all types of rugs through our rug cleaning services. We have handled many rugs with different kinds of fibers, so you know that your nylon rugs are in good hands with us. Our cleaning method follows a strict yet delicate step-by-step cleaning process, which uses chemicals that are gentle to the material. We will disinfect each piece and make one final inspection before it is approved for use. If you are interested in hiring our services, give us a call at 208-203-1919. All American Rug Cleaning’s services are available to properties located in the surrounding areas of Southeast Idaho.