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Portuguese Rug Cleaning in Dayton & Newdale, Southeast Idaho

Portuguese Rug Cleaning

Portugal began creating area rugs pre-WWII, but always in small quantities. Their unique needlepoint designs aren't very common state-side; tourists of Portugal and interior designers export the rugs to the U.S. from small boutiques and vendors, because of this scarcity of Portuguese rugs there are not many rug repair professionals who have the knowledge to repair them. All American Rug Cleaning provides the most reliable cleaning services for Portuguese rugs in Dayton & Newdale, Southeast Idaho.

We're often asked if Portuguese area rugs can be repaired and the answer is absolutely, however, due to the scarcity of Portuguese area rugs stateside - most are purchased in their native country - few know the proper techniques that need to be utilized to ensure a perfect repair; our expert repair team has many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the care that is required to repair needlepoint area rugs to look like new!

Professional Rug Cleaning by All American Rug Cleaning

All American Rug Cleaning has a team of IICRC certified rug cleaning specialists serving the customers in our service area. Our team takes pride in offering a state-of-the-art facility, where they thoroughly clean Persian, Indian, Chinese, and Afghan area rugs and more. We care for textiles weaved in various parts of the world, from Turkey and Morocco to Portugal and Spain, and the many countries in between.

Our rug technicians will inspect your rug, determine the best rug cleaning method, and provide a free estimate before beginning to work on your rug using our superior rug cleaning process. Our rug cleaning process is customized for each particular type of fiber, whether natural or synthetic, such as wool, cotton, jute, silk, sisal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and more.

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Portuguese Rug Cleaning Services

All American Rug Cleaning is popular among the customers for its highly professional and top-quality rug cleaning services. You can get a schedule at a convenient time and get your rug picked up, cleaned at our climate-controlled facility and have it delivered back to you in about 4-7 days. Call us today at 208-203-1919 to avail of a free inspection in Bancroft, Dayton, Newdale, Oakley, and other places of our Greater Idaho Falls, Idaho service area.

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