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Sisal plant

A sisal rug is made from the fibers of Agave sisalana, a species of Agave. Initially used by the Aztecs and the Mayans to form paper and fabrics, this plant is now widely cultivated for its fiber, which is noted for its durability, strength, resistance to deterioration by saltwater, and affinity for certain dyes. Aside from carpets and rugs, sisal fiber is also used in making specialty papers, mattresses, ropes, handicrafts, and spa products.

Because of the fiber’s durability, sisal rugs are typically used to cover high-traffic. This type of rug may not be as soft as its wool or silk counterparts, but it is still aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. Due to its natural fibrous material, a sisal rug exudes a uniqueness that will suit any home. Sisal is also perfect for residents who have allergies and asthma, because it is non-toxic and does not trap any dust or dirt.

Sisal Rug

Even if it doesn’t look like it, a sisal rug is quite comfortable to sit and step on, and it is very absorbent. It’s also very easy to maintain. Nevertheless, you cannot rule out the possibilities of getting it spilled on or stained.

Blemishes that come from solid or liquid substances can ruin a sisal rug’s tan color, and since its fibers are natural, certain stains can eat through the material. Now, you might be thinking that cleaning up a spill on your sisal rug is easy. But we, at All American Rug Cleaning, advise that you let us clean your sisal rug properly.

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Of course, blotting the affected spots will help reduce the amount of stain on the rug. However, do not think that a steamer or rug cleaning products will give you the same effect. Due to the sensitivity of its fibers, a sisal rug can be burned or destroyed just by using the wrong cleaning chemical. Therefore, it is best that you contact All American Rug Cleaning to have your sisal rug professionally cleaned and preserved.

You can completely rely on our professional rug cleaning service. Not only are we familiar with working with all types of rugs, we also employ meticulous cleaning techniques. Your sisal rug deserves to be treated with the right care, and once we are done with your piece, it will look like brand new. Interested clients can give us a call at 208-203-1919. Our services are available to properties located in Southeast Idaho.