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Spanish rugs rank among the most venerable and valuable rugs produced in Europe, going back centuries. The rugs woven in Spain are unique. Native Spanish weavers had already learned the technique of making rugs by the 14th century, and they continue to follow the same blueprint today.

The antique Spanish rugs have a weave like no other pile rugs. These magnificent Spanish carpets are truly knotted, not looped, in staggered rather than superimposed rows. Their coloration has always been soft with dominant ivory grounds and pastel greens and yellows. All American Rug Cleaning provides the most reliable Spanish rug cleaning services in Idaho Falls, Dayton, Newdale, and throughout our service area in Southeast Idaho.

11-Step Rug Cleaning Process of All American Rug Cleaning

For ensuring a complete rug cleaning, we use an 11-step process. Those steps are:

  • Extraction
  • Full Water Immersion, Front & Back
  • Hand Wash
  • Detergent & Duster
  • Detergent Rinse
  • Flat Spread Treatment
  • Detergent + Finisher
  • Centrifuge Water Extraction
  • Brush Treatment
  • Drying with Natural Sun
  • Final Vacuum

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