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Pet Urine Removal in Idaho Falls & Pocatello

Pet Urine Removal in Idaho Falls

If you have pets in your house then you're likely to face little "accidents" caused by them on your rug.  You can't really be mad at them however you also can't overlook the “accident”. Starting from the unpleasant smell, pet urine can damage your rug fibers and discolor them permanently. If you let the liquid evaporate, it will leave crystals of urine that make the odor more pungent and concentrated. Over time uncleaned pet urine can cause molds to grow. Additionally, exposure to the ammonia-based smell for a longer period of time can cause irritation to the lungs and eyes.

Has your pet urinated on your rug? Are you looking for professional help to remove your pet urine from the rug? All American Rug Cleaning is the answer to your search. Our company has everything you need to effectively clean up pet urine and odors from your rug in Aberdeen, Bloomington, Clifton, Dingle, Felt, and other cities within our Idaho service area. We can have your rug picked up, cleaned, and returned to you in 4-7 days.

Professional Rug Cleanup Vs. DIY

Professional Rug Cleanup Vs. DIY

Many believe that using basic rug cleaning methods can deal with pet urine issues effectively. However, applying a regular soap and water solution on your rug can actually re-activate the urine’s odor and damage the effect of soap. It can also cause the urine to spread all over the place and create a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. On the other hand, if you take professional help your rugs will be thoroughly cleaned without any hassle.

Remove Pet Urine from Rug with All American

Our licensed and certified technicians are trained to carry out each cleaning task gently to preserve the beauty and comfort of your rug. All American Rug Cleaning is popular among the customers for its highly professional and top-quality rug cleaning services. You can get a schedule at a convenient time and get your rug picked up, cleaned at our climate-controlled facility, and have it delivered back to you in about 4-7 days.

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