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Conventionally manufactured rugs can present a number of concerns to the consumer’s health. Toxic adhesives are often used in rug backing and can emit chemicals that greatly compromise indoor air quality. Sealing the rug is an effective way to deal with this issue. All American Rug Cleaning provides the best available rug sealing services in BancroftDaytonNewdaleOakley, and other cities we serve in Southeast Idaho. We stock a three-component system to address this issue and ensure that your health, as well as the rug, remains protected for years to come.

Process of Rug Sealing by All American Rug Cleaning

Conventionally manufactured rugs

The first step is to clean the rugs. A gentle yet effective cleaner will help remove loose fibers from the rug and prepare the area for the sealer. After cleaning, the next step is to seal the rug. Rug sealants are designed to coat and seal the backing of the rug, where the highest amount of caustic adhesives are found. Using the sealer while the rug is still damp from cleaning will allow it to soak down to the backing. After sealing the rug, the final step is to protect the surface.

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All American Rug Cleaning is popular among the customers for its highly professional and top-quality rug cleaning services. You can click here to schedule an appointment to have your rug picked-up.  It will be cleaned at our climate-controlled facility and delivered back to your home in about 4-7 days. Call us today at 208-203-1919 to avail of a free inspection in Idaho FallsBlackfootBancroftOakley, and other cities within our service area in Southeast Idaho.

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