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Pet Stain Removal and Cleaning in Idaho Falls & Pocatello, ID

Pets and area rugs can be a messy combination at time, especially for your rugs. Pet accidents can leave stains, as well as pet dander, saliva, mud, dirt and other debris that your furry child brings in from outside. If left too long and untreated, those stains can permanently damage your favorite area rug if not properly cleaned.

Trust only the certified rug specialists at All American Rug Cleaning. Call 208-203-1919 or contact us here for the toughest pet stain or odor removal, including pet urine in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rigby, Blackfoot, Shelley, Rexburg, Atomic City, Soda Springs and throughout our Southeast Idaho service area. Let us inspect your rug damage free of charge, with rug pick-up, cleaning and delivery back to you in 4-7 days

Idaho Pet Accidents Are Our Specialty

If not professionally cleaned or treated immediately, pet stains, odors and/or urine can do the following damage:

  • Pet urine stains permeated through the rug to the rug’s foundation, the rug pad, and the floor.
  • If not treated professionally, pet odors can be permanent.
  • Moisture allows mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow to cause mildew damage.

Pet urine is initially acidic but breaks down into ammonia and carbon dioxide, and can bleach the dyes in your rug. Dye bleeds which are often irreversible. In case of any pet accident, remove any pet waste debris and then blot (do not rub) the area gently with a clean white cotton towel.

Some water can be used to blot, but avoid soaking the area with too much water to prevent further staining from the soil or water.

Contact All American Rug Cleaning to have your rug professionally cleaned before any stains or odors have a chance to set. We treat urine stains and odors, mildew damage and color correct dye bleeds.

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We guarantee the removal of most tough pet odors

At All American Rug Cleaning, we will make every effort to remove pet odors and other challenging smells. We also guarantee the removal of most stains such as tough protein stains and pet waste.

After cleaning your rug, we seal and protect the surface to resist stains and apply an insect deterrent application to repel moths, carpet beetles and insect larvae. The entire rug cleaning and repair process at All American Rug Cleaning includes restoring water damaged areas and providing a custom-sized rug pad to prevent your rug from slipping to extend its life.

Usually, area rug repairs are more affordable than buying new carpeting. We also have a climate-controlled storage facility where we properly roll and wrap your rug and store it until you are ready to have it delivered. We provide free pickup and delivery to your home or office in our Southeast Idaho service area.

Choose All American For Pet Stain & Odor Removal in SE Idaho

Keep your area rugs looking clean and beautiful year-round with All American Rug Cleaning. Regular vacuuming, professional rug cleaning when pet accidents occur and deep rug cleaning every 12-18 months will manage pet dander, accidents, stains, and odors and keep your rugs looking like new.

Our professional area rug cleaning facility in Idaho Falls has the necessary supplies, techniques, methods and processes to remove all pet stains and clean your area rugs thoroughly, but gently without damaging the rug's delicate fibers. Call All American Rug Cleaning at 208-203-1919 for all of your rug cleaning, rug repair, and restoration questions or needs.